Art Supplies



We have the largest canvas selection in North MS. We carry large canvas up to 48x48 and small canvas down to 5x7.


We carry student grade and professional grade oil paints, such as, Gamblin, Grumbacher, and Winton oil.  We also carry Acrylic paints such as Grumbacher Academy Acrylics and Amsterdam Acrylics. As for Watercolor paints, we carry Daniel Smith artist grade,  student grade Grumbacher and more.


We have a huge selection of paper for all kind of uses. For Watercolor Artist we carry 22x30 Arches Watercolor paper. The weight of paper range from 140 lb - 300lb. We have rough press, cold press, hot press.  We carry Mixed Media paper in pads and 22x30 sheets. Stonehenge paper, Rice paper, Yupo paper, Bristol paper (smooth and vellum), Newsprint paper, Charcoal Paper, Mulberry paper, Parchment paper, Duralar sheets, Gray Scale and more.

Pen and Inks

We stock Calligraphy pens, Nibs, and Sets, as well as, an assortment of Alcohol inks, Micron pens, Copic markers, water based and oil based markers. We also carry a variety of Brushpens, such as Tombow, Faber Castell, Koi Watercolor and Prismacolor.


We have a great selection of brushes. For oils and acrylics we carry Robert Simmons, Simply Simmons, Princeton, Royal Sabletek and Zen. In Watercolor we carry Simply Simmons, Cotman, Black Velvet and Series 7.

Paint Mediums

Gesso, Turpenoid, Linseed Oil, Liquin, Solvent Gel, Galkyd Gel, Gamsol, Cold Wax Medium, Modeling Paste, Pouring Medium, Slow Dry Medium, Gell Mediums, Absorbent Ground (WC), Varnish, and more!